Letter from the SBHOA Board
Posted on Feb 10th, 2021

I think we can all agree that this year has been a year of headlines…that we will be discussing for years to come.  We hope that you, our neighbors, as well as your friends and families, are doing well. 
While we started 2020 with great plans (a Chinese New Year’s Party, Easter Egg Hunt and July 4th Bike Parade to name a few), we all know that went straight down the “2020 rabbit hole”. 
We were able to accomplish the following:
  • We have officially put in place an Architectural Committee, who has been hard at work on our front and back monuments and anticipate that the monuments will be completed in 2021. We are currently in the permitting phase and, of course, have run into a couple of issues and are working closely with the Village of Woodridge on the approval process.  At the end of this letter are copies of the front and back monument plans.  We are lucky to have three engineers and someone familiar with construction on the Architectural Review Committee!
    • A big thank you for all the work that has been done with the Monuments for the entrances! Our Architectural Committee are the following homeowners:  Alberto De La Serrna, Nick Hoyle, Marco Petrovic, Mike Rechtorik and Steve Trabilsy
  • Vicki Jipping has been hard at work solidifying Seven Bridges Estates Homeowners relationship with the Woodridge Police through our Neighborhood Watch program.  As a safety reminder, please remember to keep your garage doors closed to prevent someone from entering and lock any cars parked in your driveway.
The HOA decided that we would delay our annual meeting for several reasons:  Superosa closed, we did not want to congregate due to Covid-19, and a Zoom meeting seemed ineffective.  We have posted the 2020 financials and 2021 projections on our website for you to review.  Please note that you will need to be logged into the website to view them.  This file can be found on our website ( in the Bylaws & Covenants section in the Board Meeting Minutes section.
If you are interested in joining the board or a committee please let us know, we welcome the help. 
We will not be raising the assessment in 2021, it remains at $250.00. 
Upon moving into this neighborhood, you received the By-Laws and Covenants.  Within those By-Laws and Covenants, you were advised that there is an annual assessment due at the beginning of the year.  This assessment goes for the lighting at the front and back entrances, the flowers we plant, water for the common areas, landscaping of the cul-da-sacs, grass mowing and maintenance to the structures and common area and insurance. 
Last year the assessments were mailed and personally counted before the notices went out, yet we had several homeowners say they did not receive the notice.  Regardless of whether or not you physically received the paper invoice, it is still due and it is your responsibility to pay it.  It is on our webpage and Facebook page as a reminder.  We do appreciate all of the homeowners who pay the bill promptly and who inquire about the invoices before they even go out. 
Our apologies, this year’s assessments are being mailed a little late due to some technical difficulties we had with Quickbook.  We have extended the assessment due date to the end of March.
We are still struggling with some of our neighbors who do not pay their assessment! There are several homes that are severely delinquent.  We want to remind you that to sell your home the Title Company requires a paid-up assessment letter.  This letter will not be issued by the HOA unless all the assessments and late payments are paid, this is prior to closing and those funds must have cleared the bank before the release letter will be issued. 
Thank you to all our volunteers who served on the Architectural Committee and Homeowners Association Board.  As you know, these people are donating their personal time for the betterment of our community.  There were several instances this year where a member of the board was verbally abused by one of our neighbors.  Please remember to treat your family, your neighbors and everyone you come into contact with, with kindness.
Thank you to our Board Members:
Roxann Honn
Jean Hoyle
Lanhua Hu
Victoria Jipping
Susan Spires
We hope the 2021 brings you New Hope, New Dreams and much Happiness. 
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