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Message from The Village of Woodridge: Repairs to Greene Rd.
Posted on May 22nd, 2014

The Village of Woodridge Department of Public Works continues to pursue contractors to complete the repair of Greene Road, but due to the extraordinarily late cold weather (snow in May?) and large amounts of roadwork to be completed across the region The Village had difficulty in getting a contractor for a small job like this.  The Department of Public Works is pursuing two different options at the moment:
  1. The Village included it with their standard resurfacing contract as a required item.  Timing is the main concern with this option as that work would likely not start until the end of July.
  2. The Village has two other road resurfacing contracts in town that will be starting in June – both of these are funded by outside grants so The Village does not have the ability to include this work on Greene Road as a required item since it is outside of the project area, or force the contractor to undertake it, but they are in the process of seeing if they would be willing to do so as an additional pay item.
In the interim, The Department of Public Works will continue to patch the area as needed.   If you have any questions please Contact the Village of Woodridge, Department of Public Works.  They will send an update letter to those homes in the area of the proposed repair to update them as well.
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