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Questions and use of NEXTDOOR
Posted on May 25th, 2016

Then HOA has been made aware that NEXTDOOR website, as Facebook, is available as a means to have an open social media outlet for neighbors that live in the area. The HOA has noticed that some neighbors confuse this social media outlet to post information that either seeks a response from the HOA or make comments that at times may be considered disparaging. We want to emphasize that is the official, and the only, website where information will be posted and will only reach to resident homeowners of Seven Bridges Estates Home Owners Association.  Unlike NEXTDOOR or Facebook which is are open social media platforms available to any individual, the is exclusively for the current homeowners. As such, the HOA will kindly ask all homeowners to please reach the HOA through the official website. The HOA will ignore any messages on NEXTDOOR or ANY similar open social media platforms as we cannot authenticate the individuals that post mesages as we do on HOA which allow us to respond to concerns and address any questions in a formal and respectful manner. 
As for comments and raves, and other free speech through these websites other than the official website (, we advise the residents to ignore it or to reach out to the HOA through the proper channel as especiefied above.
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