Selling Your Home

If you are listing your home for sale  follow these steps:
  1. you must obtain a letter from the homeowners association declaring that your property is paid up for the current year's assessment.
  2. Paid Assessment Letters may be obtained by calling the Seven Bridges Estates voice mail at (630) 375-7755 or by emailing clicking on the link Contact US  below . Please allow 2 weeks for processing. If you do not receive a letter within 2 weeks, please contact a board member directly via their listing in the SBEHA phone directory.
  3. If you also require a Declaration of Insurance for the common areas of our subdivision, please let us know via the same voice mail or email.
  4. The Village of Woodridge requires you to pay a Real Estate Transfer Tax prior to your closing, even if you are moving to another home in Woodridge.
Real Estate Transfer Tax
  1. The seller pays $2.50 per $1,000 of the sale price for each piece of property sold. Before the transfer tax stamp is released, all debts due and owed to the Village with respect to such parcel must be paid in full, including the water bill which must be current, a final water reading must be scheduled, and a deposit of the greater of $75.00 or the average of the last 2 billing cycles.
  2. In addition, residents who sell a residence and repurchase their next residence within Woodridge corporate limits and within one year from the purchase date of the stamp may be eligible for a refund of the Transfer Tax if the sale was closed after May 18, 1996.
For more information, call (630) 852-7000. Download the Real Estate Transfer Tax Form, Refund of Real Estate Transfer Tax, and Tax Exempt Transfer Tax Form. These forms are in PDF file format. PDF files require Acrobat Reader in order to be opened. Download Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it.